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Digital Camera Rentals

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One of the Best camera service providers , Digiquest Camera Rental have become first choice for serving the camera needs of filmmakers and other creative professionals shooting in the region. With a dedicated state-of-art rental facility, we offer innovative digital cinema solutions, and latest high-end cameras and equipment including expert technical support to the film and entertainment industry in India and worldwide. We provide Various cameras & Lenses

Camera's and Lenses
  • Red Dragon Camera and lenses
  • Viper Film Stream Cameras
  • Red MX Camera
  • Red Epic Camera
  • Carl Zeiss Lenses 18,25,35,50,85,135
  • Ultra Prime Lenses 16,24,32,50,85,135
  • Digi Prime Lenses 7,14,20,28
  • 3.9 Digi Prime Wide Angle Lenses
  • 10 mm Wide Angle Lenses
  • 11-16 mm Wide Lenses

We were the first to introduce digital media with cameras to the Indian market. we have been at the forefront of delivering the latest filming equipment at par with international standards, enabling our clients to attain new heights of digital image capture. We continue improving our service and equipment to provide our customers with the best possible digital filmmaking equipment and have the only facility in India to offer technical support along with rental services. Our in-house team boasts expert technicians and craftspeople that help maintain and customize our equipment to exacting standards. we aim to deliver high quality equipment that our clients can consistently rely upon. Our capabilities extend to facing different challenges and coming up with versatile, comprehensive solutions that propel a project forward, melding cinematic possibilities seamlessly with the technical support.