When Hobby Becomes a Profession

Tapping into the growing demand for quirky, cool and fashionable casual wear, Hyderabad-based startup Monzter Popcornz has been making a steady stride into the e-commerce market. Established in 2013, Monzter Popcornz is a theme-based design company that offers clothes catering to the youth. “All our designs are inspired by a theme. For example, the 90s theme, which features cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse. We recently launched our latest assorted collection, which features casual lyrical design tees with a quirky message,” shares Kushagra Mathur, founder of Monzter Popcornz. Having worked in an animation studio in Hyderabad, Kushagra wanted to do something on his own and decided to launch the startup.

“We are a small team of ten members and we’re growing. The response has been quite encouraging so far and we are already listed on e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Snapdeal,” he says, excitedly. Kushagra’s love affair with art and comics began at a very young age and eventually led to the conception of Monzter Popcornz.

“As a child, I grew up drawing skulls in my notebook at school. At that point, all I cared about life was video games, cartoons, comics, music and movies. Now years later, all my hobbies have come together in this brand. It became a reflection of the person I used to be and still am,” he expresses, passionately.

While experimenting with various designs, Mathur asserts that they do not compromise on its quality. “We want to offer clothes that don’t just look good but also feel good. We’re all about creating comfort – both inside and out. The quality and care that go into our clothes reflects who we are as a company,” he explains.

The entrepreneur is excited about making his debut at The Comic Con.

“We hear the event will draw in a lot of crowd, so we’re looking forward to it,” gushes the 29-year-old.

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