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Watch a Mesmerizing Animation of Dancing Triangles from 1966

René Jodoin, founder of the National Film Board of Canada’s animation studio, created this film using only triangles in 1966. Here the simple shape performs captivating moves as the main dancer in a “geometric ballet”. They swing, sub-divide and spins into around 300 different patterns of increasing complexity.

‘Notes on a Triangle’ is truly an animation from another time. Set to soft waltz music, it’s a big contrast to the electronic music that would probably score a similar film today.

Notes on a Triangle

The film is just one of Jodoin’s several animations aimed at introducing geometric forms. You can see more from the animator, who passed away earlier this year, here.

If you liked this, see our write up on minimalist animations that convey big ideas, and definitely see the classic Academy Award winning short The Dot and the Line.

(via BoingBoing)

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