Film festival to celebrate legacy of Indian animation pioneers

Drawing from rare archival materials, a film festival in Delhi this week will celebrate the untold legacy of the Indian animation industry and its pioneers, including legendary Dadasahab Phalke and unsung India-born American animator Clair Weeks. Phalke, considered the father of modern Indian cinema, and immortalised for his path-breaking silent film ‘Raja Harischandra'(1913), was also among… Read More

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Watch a Mesmerizing Animation of Dancing Triangles from 1966

René Jodoin, founder of the National Film Board of Canada’s animation studio, created this film using only triangles in 1966. Here the simple shape performs captivating moves as the main dancer in a “geometric ballet”. They swing, sub-divide and spins into around 300 different patterns of increasing complexity. ‘Notes on a Triangle’ is truly an… Read More


Students’ amphibious airplane design wins international prize, plus animation class projects on display

A group of Kansas University aeronautic design understudies simply won a worldwide prize for a land and/or water capable flying machine outline called the BATWinG — imagined to transport individuals in beach front urban communities less expensive, speedier and greener than different methods of open transportation. BATWinG, an acronym for “Bay Area Transport, Wing-in-Ground-impact,” took… Read More


‘SHE Team’ releases short film on women safety In Association with Digiquest

Hyderabad: A short film named ‘SHE Team’ was issued in public interest by Cyberabad Police Commissionerate on Sunday during the first anniversay celebrations of the Cyberabad SHE Team. The video with a message ‘Your safety our concern’ depicts the incidents of eve-teasing and public harassment of women and ensures safety of women. Telangana police department… Read More