DIPLOMA in Editing (Film/T.V)

The course in Advanced Editing will give you the ability to take on many roles within the film-making process. Beginning with scriptwriting, storyboarding and character development, you will have the opportunity to be a producer, director and cinematographer on your own movie, as well as collaborating with other students as part of a team to gain experience of how the the real-world industry operates. Beyond that, you’ll master the editing suite and use rendering and output applications to bring new dimensions to your work.

Video editing course in hyderabad
Our film courses are outcome-focused, with specific topics relating to the construction of a diverse portfolio. Set over a course of xx months/days/weeks, the aim at Digiquest is to provide you with an indepth look into the various techniques used in Editing, while maintaining relevance to the existing technologies. In this course, you will learn ways to develop Trailers for movies, Making documentaries and Short-films, Creating a remix for a popular song, and the usage of Multicam to create a seamless scene. With access to professional tutors with experience across the digital sphere, Digiquest’s Advanced Editing course ensures that you graduate with a range of skills that allow you to take on various roles in the digital industry.

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