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Subject wise – An artistic edge

Traditionally, the study of arts is divided into visual arts and ap plied arts. With an increasing number of creative profiles across industries, students can choose from a range of specialisations in fine arts and performing arts. Course connect Students who wish to pursue a career in fine arts can opt for a fouryear Bachelor… Read More


Short Film Making Crash Course in Hyderabad

Digiquest offers Short Film Making Weekend Crash Courses. Course Details: Every student will be given a chance to make a short film, Practical training oriented Teaching in Professional Studio Class Room with Chroma Screen, Lights, Hi End -Cine Camera, Cine Lenses, Editing suite etc. Course Modules : Rules, Basics & Fundamentals in Film Direction, Cinematography,… Read More

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Animation Olympiad biggest online competition for creative professionals and students

In this competitive era where everyone wants to set themselves apart from the rest of the world, it becomes a challenge to accomplish that. Since childhood, one has been taking part in various competitions and olympiads pertaining mostly to maths, science, english, hindi and other such subjects to be a notch higher than others. What… Read More