Career in Animation


Animation is art in movement and art of movement. An animator is one who gives life and quality to the movement. It is a process of bringing movement to a series of images which are very slightly different from each other. The term animation generally includes motion graphics, 3D wireframe, modelling, special effects, VFX and its application in various educational and product-oriented fields.

It is believed that the career prospects for animators are open only in media and entertainment. But, there is more to this booming industry as animation is becoming the backbone of many industries. Very few industries, today, do not come under the ever-widening scope of animation. Animators are widely employed in education, architecture, marketing, health care, aviation, music, military, gaming interior decoration among others. You name it, and there is scope for animators.

For example,  in the olden days, students struggled to understand complex aspects in their subjects. In fields like medicine and engineering, it always posed a problem. It used to be difficult for them to try and visualize things based only on their imagination. Even if models are used in teaching, those students who are near to the teacher and the model would get a clear view and better understanding than the others. Obviously, the teacher cannot show the model and its operation to every five students. Now, thanks to animation, that problem is forever solved. Any information can be explained through animation. And every student can study the point under discussion at his/her own pace. That’s what animators can do in the field of education. And the same goes with any other field.


Let’s have a look at where else animation is used apart from media and entertainment and what do animators do in these fields.


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