3 Year degree in animation game design

Game Design 4 Year Creative Engineering Degree Bachelor Of Fine Arts BFA–in Hyderabad, Telangana.

The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) course in Animation and Gaming is a vehicle to learn the concepts of  game development, from visual storytelling to modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging& animation, to audio, user interface & game level design. Set over a period of 24 months/0 weeks, the course covers basics of drawing, to the technical details of animation and use of graphic design, the course envelops a wide range of topics needed to make your dream of a game developer into reality. Concepts of 3D modeling, texturing, and Artificial Intelligence for Games are explored along with techniques like rigging, a process by which a skeleton model can be created to respond in any way possible. These practices allow developers to take a concept and create an artificial world that responds to the gamer’s control. One of the core elements of the course is the Artificial Intelligence module, which allows the developers to create an artificial neural pathway and a decision-making environment within a game.


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