BFA in Animation and VFX

BFA is 4 year Professional Under Graduate Programme and the Degree is awarded by Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU).

BFA in Animation and VFX


Technology today has narrowed the distance between imagination and reality. We are able to see on screen things not even imagined a couple of decades ago. These developments have opened new career options and new avenues to be showcase creativity. Games today mean more than a group of kids playing hide-and-seek, or a group of adults playing cricket. Today, we are no longer limited by the need for resources. An empty ground is no longer needed for a game of Cricket, just as we no longer need a racquet for a game of tennis. Today, children are not limited to the neighborhood to find playmates.

Likewise, any media today needs a degree of visual effects to communicate effectively. Be it a hoarding advertising a man in space or a movie set in ancient times, creativity has joined hands with digital technology to open new doors to consumers and professionals. With advances in Animation, Technology and Creativity, anyone sitting in their living room is able to team up with gamers across the world to be a part of a world filled with war zones, wizards and anything else imaginable. Games today mean playing Angry Birds on a mobile phone, or Battlefield on a console. From kids to adults, everyone is a gamer today, with online gaming becoming a bigger and wider reaching medium of social interaction every day.

With its increasing popularity, the need for game developers is ever increasing.Game developers create, design, develop and produce video games,while managing teams that create the variousaspects of game production for new-age gadgets like gaming consoles, smart phones and tablets. Animation is an integral part of Game development, bringing life to the ideas on paper. The applications of Animation are not merely limited to Games either. Incorporating the principles of Animation and Visual Effects create the magic of CGI – Computer Generated Imagery. Learning about Animation and VFX bring the skills needed to become a magician moviemaker.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts courses in Animation and Gaming, and Animation and VFX offer the chance to develop your skill set in these areas. Starting from the basics and going into the details of the various techniques needed to make you an expert, the courses are designed to be comprehensive and relevant.

Course Description

The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) course in Animation and VFX is a vehicle to learn the concepts of basic game development, from visual storytelling to modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging & animation, to audio, user interface & game level design.The BFA in Animation and VFX trains you in the skills needed to produce powerful image concepts in a professional environment. One of the core elements of the BFA Animation and Gaming course is the Artificial Intelligence module, which allows the developers to create an artificial neural pathway and a decision-making environment within a game. This is the crux of gaming today, with more and more games adapting a “sand box” concept – where the gamer is free to explore the artificial world, which each decision spawning more choices within the game. Other important elements such as Game scripting and Game Project management deal with the programming and planning aspects of developing games. With the creative process is the root of any game development, game programming becomes the single most important module in this course. Equally important is the need to develop the non-technical skills of planning and executing a project as a part of a team – something explored in detail in the game project management module.

Course Modules

The course modules covered are as follows:
Basics of Animation and VFX:

  • Drawing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Animation

Editing and Visual Effects:

  • Use of Multicam
  • Creating a trailer
  • Rendering & output
  • Dynamics